{Header Page Credits: Model - Ivy D'Muerta and MaskMaker - Nikki Dyer.}

About Nikki's masks:

Nikki's masks are made using Slip Latex, and there are vent holes in the ears - and nostril openings for comfortable breathing. The pupils are open and measure approximately 5mm to 7mm in diameter.

Because the masks are made when ordered, it is possible to accommodate special requests, such as different skin-tones and makeup designs. The only exception to this is the licenced Tura Satana mask, which is offered as a faithful likeness of the legendary Cult Movie Star. Otherwise you have a lot of freedom to customize your mask(s).

{photo right Nikki wearing Renee half-mask}

Masks are detailed as depicted; however, please note that colors may vary because every mask is handmade.

Wigs shown on our website are for demonstration purposes only, and we do not sell or included wigs with our masks.

Laces are used down the back of the full-head masks, and like a corset they may be drawn taught for a perfect fit. Zippers, open mouth, and custom sizing are also possible upon request.

When masks are to be used in displays (such as a Vamp mask used in a Halloween scene), then they can be provided without entry provisions and used strictly as props.

Nikki's Monster Shop masks can be worn comfortably for many hours, and they are designed for playful transformation, fantasy and fun.

Nikki Dyer

Hot Girls Magazine interview, February 2010; with Sabine, the Dutch Boot Girl.

{photo left Nikki Dyer}

SABINE: Sorry to learn of your car accident, are you OK?

NIKKI: Yes, and I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have been trying to take it easy for a couple of weeks, but it’s so hard for me not to work, or to check my emails.

SABINE: You are very dedicated, and it shows in the magnificent work of your masks. When did you start making masks and did you first start with Halloween masks?

NIKKI: Lets see... I first started making Halloween mask in 2003. I liked it, but the market was very big, and I just wasn't inspired enough to keep coming up with new ideas. When you're a mask maker you 'need' to always be coming up with new masks, otherwise people will forget about you - and then you're done.

SABINE: Maybe like the Music Artist, who will say, “you’re only as good as your last record,” but in this case “last mask.”

NIKKI: (laughs) Yes, exactly.

SABINE: What inspired you to start making female masks?

NIKKI: Occasionally, I would get emails from people who wanted me to make realistic female masks. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know anything about the whole wonderful world of female masking until I looked it up, and then when I did, I saw a whole new world that had both of my loves inter twined... latex masks and makeup!   It became a great way for me to continue making and sculpting masks, and to create sexy and strong faces with beautiful makeup as well.

SABINE: In your MySpace blogs you mentioned that you started with half-masks - was there a special market for them?

{photo right Nikki wearing Renee half-mask}

NIKKI: I thought that the half-masks would be great for those who just wanted to throw on a new face and to play around. Without the latex neck, they offer more mobility, and it is possible to move your head more freely. It really makes for a whole new look, and you can have a little more attitude that way too.

SABINE: All of your masks are custom made, is that right?

NIKKI: Yes, and you can have your mask with any type of makeup, eye color, mouth open or closed, zipper, laces… sized down if you need. Really, almost anything that you want, I can do for you.

SABINE: How long does it take to make a mask?

NIKKI: If I already have the mold, it takes about five days from start to finish. I first pour the latex into the mold, and then it has to dry over night. However, because latex has so much air in it, I might have to do a few pours to create a mask that doesn't have any air bubbles. Air bubbles slow everything down, but once that is done, I wait another day for it to totally cure.

SABINE: It sounds time consuming.

NIKKI: (laughs) Yes, there is a lot of waiting in mask making, but once the mask cures, I drill the holes for the eyes and trim away the extra latex - then I paint and do the laces. The eyelashes need to be on for a full day in order to dry completely, and then when I’m done, I put a blindfold on her so that the lashes don't get damaged when she is shipped.

SABINE: That helps me to appreciate all the hard work of my mask. I have also read about the new Tura Satana mask. Can you tell us more about this, and when it will be available?

{photo left Nikki wearing Tura Satana mask}

NIKKI: The Tura mask... I really loved the way she came out. “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” is a very big movie for me, and I was so happy to do the mask. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the contract, so until we have that we are on hold. However, I will start sculpting a new mask once I'm feeling better, and one way or another there will be something new for everyone soon.

SABINE: That will be great, and thank you for sharing this with our readers. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

NIKKI: Thank you Sab'.

{Note: The Tura Satana mask is now available.}


Will The Just-Unveiled
Sharon Needles Halloween Masks
become The Costume Of The Year?

Written by Instinct Staff | Thursday, 09 August 2012

Prepare for a sea of Sharon Needles Halloween masks at this year's WeHo Costume Carnaval thanks to a new brilliant line from America's current favorite drag queen.

From the press release:

These artsy costume pieces were meticulous creations between Sharon Needles and critically acclaimed latex artist and mask designer Nikki Dyer of Nikki’s Monster Shop. “I’m so excited to be working with Sharon Needles on this amazing project. These masks were a labor of our love, blood, and sweat for the last six months. We sculpted the masks from the actual shape and bone structure of Sharon’s face, and then hand painted each mask’s make-up in her signature looks."

Make All Hallows Eve a year-round event in these handcrafted, slip latex skins that bring to vivid life the season four winner of RuPaul's Drag Race. With vents for ears, pupils, and nostrils - Sharon assumes her fans are alive and need these holes - her comfortable design fits most guests preparing to visit any coffin, graveyard, or undead festivity. Fastened with elastic strings, unless one has a preference for rusty nails, and embellished with thick black eyelashes, also useful for securing maggots, these one-of-a-kind conversation terminators will provoke the worst stares and hate-filled gossip at every party.

Unfortunately we have to wait until August 20th for the masks to be released. Still, Sharon outta make a killing from these!